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...in a crowded theater

I. Wax Chaotic
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If you're my LJ friend than you probably know me.

I'm somewhere in the process of growing up. I can identify the formative years of my life. I am in much closer contact with who I was three years ago than who I was seven years ago. I have finished college. I have a resume and a job. I have a lease and debt.

I'm less and less surprised that when there came a point when I was pretty sure I had everything figured out, I stepped in to a lot of change that threw many, many things in confusion.

I like to laugh but spend time being unidentifiably unhappy. I ride my bike a lot. Sometimes I'm unsure if my mind is over-active or under-active, but I'm trying to provide ample evidence to the former by encouraging myself to write in a blog which is much less oriented toward keeping in touch with friends than this one is. That blog is about adventures, trials, and travels in New York City and elsewhere. It's about stationary vagabondery, aimless wandering, and casual reflection.

I'm trying to figure everything out.

I'm trying to teach myself more than I already know, with different methods than I've used in the past.

I like reading novels.

I listen to less music than I used to, but still love singing.

The people in my life (many of you friends and readers) frequently make me very, very, very happy, and I am grateful.