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I. Wax Chaotic

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[14 Dec 2009|04:33pm]
I never gave too much thought about Heifer International, until recently, reading a few criticisms of their work. Many of them are along the lines of "Why donate things that are just going to be slaughtered?" and "Meat is a really terrible way to solve hunger." These criticisms seem to suck, for a few reasons. One is that HI's work isn't, "Here's a cow! Enjoy! They're delicious!" Rather, they promote more sustainable local economies that work well with local ecology and use the initial investment of animals to create a sustainable/self-regenerating source of income. Additionally, I chafe at first world style lecturing on not eating animals. I think that the notion that killing something else for food is inherently cruel is a load of bullshit.

That said, I still have a hard time parsing information out there in internetworld, and would welcome any opinions of the smart folks who are LJfriends. But I'm leaning toward supporting HI. Teaching somebody to fish (and about fish) seems to me to be more valuable than serving somebody a vegan meal. So to speak.

even the better criticisms (the ones that aren't everything that's wrong with rich, whiney vegetarian proselytizers) still miss the mark on a bunch of stuff - namely, I suspect, the actual costs of using animals for farming, by comparing them to subsidies available for industrial animal agricultural corporations in the West for things like medicine in "the comparatively benign agricultural environment of the West" - which, last time I checked, looks something like this.

I tried to dig up what Kingsolver wrote in "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" about HI and healthy use of animals for food production, but couldn't find it.

Till then I lean toward being okay with HI, especially if every criticism I read of it is either stupid and save-the-animals whiny, or has huge holes that I can take potshots at, like above.
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[20 Nov 2009|09:38am]
national novel writing month: going well. i like this. much revision necessary, but it's coming along.
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[10 Nov 2009|09:07pm]
shoo wee shoo way!
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[30 Oct 2009|01:24pm]
I'm finally settling into Northampton - been here for six days without leaving! Awesome! No more nomad-ery!

Lovely lovely.

Plus, finally, new bike day.

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[09 Oct 2009|10:09am]
Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize. It strikes me as premature. Like when bands get famous before the play shows or record songs.
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[02 Oct 2009|09:53am]
On September 12th - was it? - having distributed the last of my belongings in Brooklyn among helpful nearby friends, I packed the last of my crap into a bag and headed toward New Jersey, and then the next day to upstate NY for several days, for a job.

The I returned, worked for a few days here in NYC, staying on a couch. Then up to Northampton for a few days, then back to upstate NY for a few more days of work, then back to NYC, more on a couch. Then up to Northampton, then Vermont, then back to Northampton, then back to upstate NY. All in the span of four days. Then back to Brooklyn for a few nights on more couches, and that brings us to today.

Early next week I'll go back to upstate for a few more days, then back to Brooklyn for a bit, then back to upstate and N'hamp, then back here for some more couch nonsense, and then finally back to N'hamp for good.

Crazy life right now. Living in books and out of a backpack.
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[27 Aug 2009|03:38pm]
I haven't been on here in a while.

That's okay.

But I still miss the days when a bunch of us folks used LJ to keep in touch.
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[10 Jul 2009|10:21pm]
My boss's 10-year-old (or thereabouts) daughter has been in the office a bunch lately and she's totally an awesome kid. Plus, she loves my sparkly purple bike, and asked me all sorts of interesting questions.

Also, the band played a good show in DC. People filtered out of the bar to the show room; all the bands were friendly, nobody acted like they were more important than everyone else there, and it was all so much better than New York City. Wow.

Furthermore, this is almost in existence:

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[03 Jul 2009|11:13am]
good thing to spend money on: glasses and contact lenses. it's time. i made an appointment.

tomorrow the Tour de France starts. it's neat. it's hard to explain.

next week is, i think, the last Big Race of my racing season that I'll be considering a Big Race. after that, just more training and chipping away at some additional goals. maybe; we'll see. anyway, I think I'm going to be working for my buddy Al who has had a disappointing season that's been characterized by lots of crashing. Try and get him some good results...

work goes; band goes; life goes.
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[15 Jun 2009|09:16am]
I woke up to learn that my laptop had conked out: "Fan Error." With a little bit of googling I came on instructions for dismantling it and replacing the fan.

I dismanteled it to see what kind of fan I'd need to buy, found a huge clump of lint clogging the fan, removed it, put everything back together, and lo and behold.

Me v. World... add a point for me.
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[14 Jun 2009|09:50pm]
Ev asked me what's up with me and music lately and the most accurate thing that I came up with is that I feel like an amputee scratching at a phantom limb.
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[14 Jun 2009|09:46pm]
So, our lease is up at the end of July. A while back we talked with the landlady about staying in August. And about signing a new lease, but subletting it while we're in Northampton. She was all, "yeah." Then, she was all, "maybe." Then she was "No, probably not," then, "Well, maybe, let's talk." Then we talked, and she was, "No."


So now we've got to move out in six weeks. And find a one month sublet. Maybe. Or find a place in Northampton and have Heidi move up there. While I couchbounce around for... two months.

This sucks.
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[07 Jun 2009|10:49am]
Did my sweetheart bring Swine Flu home from school? Did she get it from her mom? Stay tuned for exciting updates from the frontlines of the most major illness to hit anywhere, ever!
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[05 Jun 2009|08:03am]
I rode thirty miles so that I could race a twenty mile race. Then I hopped back on my bike and rode thirty miles home.
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[02 Jun 2009|10:53am]
On my way to work, in the rain, I came upon a schoolbus-v-bike incident. Fortunately, the rider fell off the bike before it got sucked under the bus's wheels. She was only scraped - it could have been a lot worse. I stuck around to help out, collect witnesses.

While I was helping her out a fire fighter started yelling at me and I got really angry and it was hard to keep my cool. I was asking her if she wanted me to call anybody to meet her at the hospital, and he was busy yelling about how her neck could be broken.

One for the archives - a proper asshole with a uniform will indeed lie about protocol if he feels he needs to assert control.
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[29 May 2009|02:00pm]
i'm writing something, a piece of fiction, and spending some serious brain energy outlining and sketching it out and starting to figure out some of the prose and stuff, and it's butting in to my work time. hmmm.
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[28 May 2009|04:14pm]
I don't know if this is on your radar screen, but Shell is about to go on trial in Federal Court in NYC for complicity in the deaths of Ken Saro-Wiwa and other Nigerian and Ogono organizers in the early- to mid-1990s.


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[28 May 2009|10:42am]
I don't like riding my bike in the rain, especially when I'm a little bit tired from racing last night. So, with drizzles this morning, I abandoned tentative weather-dependent plans to ride out to a race in NJ after work this evening, and took the subway to work. I don't mind it, since it's two pretty quick, direct trains, and I get to read a little bit. I'm reading Kent Haruf's "Eventide," which is a sequel of sorts to "Plainsong." Both of the novels are quiet, thoughtful, well-paced novels about life in a small Colorado town, with some real delights deeply embedded in the prose.

At work now, sorting through emails and watching stage 18 of the Giro D'Italia.
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[27 May 2009|12:57pm]
How am I this hungry? My metabolism must be on fire. I ate a huge bowl of granola this morning, and an apple. Three carrots, a banana, and an apple when I got to work. I just ate a burrito with cheese, tomato, and spinach in it. I've had a liter and a half of water in the past couple of hours.

And I am famished.

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[27 May 2009|07:45am]
Not that you should ever pay any attention to what he said, but Rush Limbaugh called Obama "the greatest living example of a reverse racist."

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